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Auto Tying Shoelaces

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Say goodbye to loose shoelaces!

Our Auto Tying Shoelaces save you from falls and injuries due to loose shoelaces, and you can stop squatting down to re-tye shoelaces, which may cause dizziness, cramps, headache and other symptoms actually.

Designed with the rotating spin buckle, simply twist for auto-lacing and secure knock instead of re-tying endlessly, and keeping your stops safe, comfortable and carefree

Crafted with ultra soft and light material, the shoelaces won't add extra weight to your favorite shoes. The whole lacing system is sturdy and durable which is able to withstand more than 20kg tension


  • Never Gets Loose :
    Easy to run, walk or jog with this magic shoelaces, avoids falls and injuries due to loose shoelaces

  • No More Re-tying :
    No need to squat down for tying shoelaces, which can cause cramps, dizziness and other conditions

  • Safe, Comfy & Carefree :
    Keeps the composure in your steps by wearing your favorite pumps

  • Rotating Automatic Spin Buckle :
    Simply twist to lock instead of re-tying endlessly 

  • Adjustable Elasticity :
    Twist the spin buckle to adjust the tightness of the shoelaces as you want

  • Strong and Durable :
    Repeated drawing more than 4000 times; able to withstand more than
    20kg tension

  • Ultra Lightweight Sports Design :
    Made with comfortable and ultra light fiber, the shoelaces won't add extra weight to your favorite shoes

  • Perfect for Active Lifestyle :
    You won't be stopped again by accidents like tripping or squatting down just to tie shoelaces


  1. Install the shoelaces into your shoes like you would with a regular shoelace.
  2. Insert the shoelaces into the spin buckle.
  3. Adjust accordingly, and then cut the shoelaces to your desired length.
  4. Tie the ends of the shoelaces into a knot to serve as a stopper.
  5. Install the adhesive backing into the back of the buckle. Stick the buckle to your shoes, twist it to adjust the shoelaces, and then you're good to go!


  • Material : High Strength Fiber 
  • Shoelaces Length :1.5m
  • Buckle Color : Black, White
  • Shoelaces Color: Black, White, Grey, Black-White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Army Green


  • 2pc x Rotating Spin Buckle
  • 2pc x  Automatic Shoelaces


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