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Instant Rooting Powder (Set of 5)

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Make your garden flourish with this easy solution! 

This Instant Rooting Powder can help you effectively propagate plants with the minimum effort no matter for ferns or flowers

It's a true time and money saver to spread your existing plants by initiating the rapid rooting, as well as improving the survival rate of transplanted plants. 

Formulated with naphthaleneacetic acid, this natural plant hormone helps to support and flourish the plants with a sturdier root structure. 


  • Easy to use, dilutes the powder and spray your leaf cuttings or submerge seedlings and roots for propagating plants 
  • Strengthens root structure for better support as plants grow
  • Improves the survival rate of transplanted plants
  • All-natural, eco-friendly, non-toxic
  • Helps plant to flourish even in unfavorable weather
  • Perfect for growing herbs, bonsai, shrubs, flowers, orchids and a variety of plants and trees


  1. Dissolve one bag of the powder in  4-5 litres of water
  2. Submerge the seed in the water with diluted powder
  3. Let the seed stay in water for 2-3 days
  4. Take care of the plant with roots with normal propagating process 


  • Ingredients: 90% naphthaleneacetic acid powder
  • Net Weight: 30g


  • 5 packs x Instant Rooting Powder

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