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MasterClean™ Magic Sponge (Set of 2)

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No more frustration when getting messy!

MasterClean™ Magic Sponge looks like a normal sponge but cleans like magic. With 2X stronger cleaning power than the leading all-purpose bleach spray, it tackles all domestic dirt with ease.

Highly absorbent micro-scrubber lifts and removes the toughest dirt with water only! Works for all dirts including marked up tiles, stovetop grease and more. 

It is also freely editable. It can be a shower scrubber, wall cleaner, bathtub cleaner, soap scum remover, and whatever you need for cleaning. 


  • Ultimate Cleaner
    2X stronger cleaning power than industry-leading brands

  • High Absorbency 
    Made of high quality micro-scrubber.

  • User & Environmental-Friendly
    Powerful cleaning with water alone.

  • Thorough Dirt Removal 
    Work for tough, marked up tiles, burnt-on stovetop grease, grimy bathtub soap-scum, stuck-on microwave guck and more.

  • Easy to Clean 
    Easy wash off under running water. Quick-dry
  • Ultra Elastic
    Durable and rotatable

  • Freely Editable
    Easy cut into size and shape you want.


  • Material: Micro-Scubber
  • Color: White
  • Dimensions : 10 x 6 x 2 cm


  • MasterClean™ Magic Sponge x 2 pcs

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