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MEDICO™ Blue Light Skin Spot Remover

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Say Good-bye to acne scars and dark spots with this incredible Skin Spot Remover!

MEDICO™ Blue Light Skin Spot Remover is a 100% painless, effective and non-invasive skincare technology used by dermatologists to treat the grease of pimples and scars. You can remove spot without burning the skin.

The blue light spectrum penetrates deep into poreshealing blemishes and preventing future breakouts. Using the specific 415mm blue light in the visible light to kill bacteria in pores.


The stability of the 42-degree heat and BIO micro electric current can effectively reduce the grease of pimples so that to accelerate the natural clearance of pimples.

  • Blue Light 415nm to kill bacteria
  • Eliminates acne on & under the skin

  • Effectively remove warts, age spot or flat skin tags
  • Promotes the formation of collagen & skin cell regeneration
  • Lift & tighten loose skin

  • Fades acne scars & pigmentation
  • Reduces red spots & sebum secretion yet non-drying
  • Safe for sensitive and acne skin


  1. Start on cleaned and moisturised skin.
  2. Switch on the device to emit blue light. The treatment head will warm up to and remain at 42 degrees in 1 minute.
  3. Hold the conductive metal stick, the probe will release the +5V BIO electric current.
  4. Move the device slowly on a face from the inside to the outside, from bottom to up, focusing on the unwanted spots.
  5. Use 1-2 times per week.


  • Size: 172*65*38mm 
  • Power Supply: 1*AA battery(not included)


  • 1pc x MEDICO™ Blue Light Skin Spot Remover

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