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Oil-Proof Silicone Stove Gap Filler

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Never worry about spills of food, sauces and oils on stove gaps again!!

Our Oil-Proof Silicone Stove Gap Filler is a self-adhesive tape to help you cover up the gaps between the stove and the countertops, and effectively prevent kitchen odor and pests caused by the fall of sauces, juices, grease, food and other small particles. 

Made of food grade silicone with high elasticity, it easily flex fits into any gappreventing small particles from falling in between the small gaps from your stove and counter, makes cleaning easier.  

All you have to do is cut it to the required length, remove the released film, flatten it and press it in place; no glue needed! The tape is heat-resistant, oil-proof and waterproofand fits in any kitchen appliance with durability.

  • Self-adhesive Sealing Tape: 
    Good adhesion on any smooth and clean surface, covering all unpleasant kitchen gaps to let you kitchen free of odor and pests. 

  • Easy Installation:
    No need for glues or tools. Simply attach it between the countertops, corners or tables.

  • T-shaped Design :
    Non-slip and more stable, covers gap securely and effectively prevents food, sauce, juice, grease spilling or falling into the gap.

  • 100% Safe & Non-toxic:
    Made of premium food grade silicone that is oil-proof and waterproof, also odorless and harmless in kitchen use.

  • Heat Resistant:
    Able to withstand up to 446°F (230°C), do not melt easily even placed close to stoves. 

  • Flexible & Seamless:
    Easily flex fits into any kitchen gap. Matte finish perfectly blends with other modern kitchen appliances. 

  • Versatile Use:
    Perfect to cover up between gaps of stovetop, sink, countertop, cracked tiles, tables, cupboards, and more.
  • Easy to Remove & Clean:
    Can be wiped with wet cloth with cleaning detergent or simply wash it in dishwasher. No residues left behind after removal.


  • Material: Silicone
  • Dimension: 53.5cmx5.5cmx1cm
  • Weight: 70g
  • Color: Black, White

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