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Warm & Comfy Toilet Seat Cover

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Say goodbye to cold-seat winter blues!

Our Warm & Comfy Toilet Seat Cover is the perfect answer to let you stay warm and comfortable all year round when using the loo - especially in freezing winter

Made of eco-friendly acrylic fibers, which is non-toxic, anti-bacterial, anti-odor and durable, the super 200% thicker soft plush will help eliminate soreness and discomfort, granting you 100% comfort and coziness when sitting on closestool seat.

High stretchable and universal for all kinds of closestool, the clever hard-wearing design with retaining ring ensures a snug and easy fit onto your toilet seat. Together with the hanging strap, the cover can be easily removed or hung up for quick drying after cleaning. 


  • Warm & Soft Sensation: 
    200% thicker soft plush to let you get rid of cold closestool seat and stay warm and comfortable all year round - not just for winter

  • Top-quality & Durable:
    Made of eco-friendly acrylic fibers, non-toxic, anti-bacterial, anti-odor and durable

  • One Size Fits All:
    Highly stretchable to accommodate most round and elongated (14" x 18") toilet seats

  • Easy to Install:
    Place the cover with ring facing underside of toilet seat, pull it through the hole, then stretch it over the toilet seat

  • Snug & Neat Fit:
    Hard-wearing design with retaining ring ensures easy fit and removal 

  • Cute & Delicate Decoration:
    Each cover is embroidered with a cute cartoon symbol, light tone color makes the cover a great decoration in your bathroom

  • Hanging Strap Design:
    Easy removal or hang up for quick drying after cleaning

  • Machine Washable :
    Easy to handle and care; recommended to wash it once a week for eliminating bacteria and dirt accumulation 


  1. Place the cover with ring facing underside of toilet seat.
  2. Pull it through the hole.
  3. Stretch it over the toilet seat.
  4. Slight adjust it for perfect fit.


  • Material : Eco-friendly Acrylic Fibers
  • Diameter : 31cm
  • Inner Diameter : 11cm
  • Style : Pinky Heart, Blue Star, Green Lucky Clover, Brown Bear, Grey Koala


  • 1pc x Warm & Comfy Toilet Seat Cover


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